EPA/UNEPSA Newsletter

September 2014, Issue 20, p. 26 - 30

SWEET: The key to better care for children and adolescents with Diabetes

March 2015, Issue 21, p. 55 - 59

Sweet – Securing appropriate services and infrastructure for pediatric and adolescent Diabetes


Publications by the NHS, London, 2013

Paediatric E-Learning Module

Paediatric Education Level 1 E-Learning Module

National paediatric diabetes service

National Paediatric Diabetes Service Improvement Delivery Plan 2013-2018

Curriculum Training Health Care Professionals

National Curriculum for the training of Health Care Professionals who care for Children and Young People with Diabetes Mellitus

Peer Review Programme Handbook

National Children and Young People Diabetes Peer Review Programme
Handbook 2012

Measures for Children and Young People

National Children and Young People’s Diabetes Peer Review Programme
Measures for Children and Young People’s Diabetes 2012

MDT Evidence Guide

National Children and Young People’s Diabetes Peer Review Programme
MDT Evidence Guide for: Children and Young People with Diabetes

Diabetes Transition Report

Diabetes transition
Assessment of current best practice and development of a future work programme to improve transition processes for young people with diabetes

Pediatric Diabetes 2012; 13 (Suppl. 16)


SWEET – where are we heading with international type 1 diabetes registries

 Pages 5 - 14

Heterogeneity in the systems of pediatric diabetes care across the European Union

 Pages 15 - 19

Harmonize care to optimize outcome in children and adolescents with DM treatment recommendations in Europe

 Pages 20 - 28

Recommendations for age-appropriate education of children and adolescents with diabetes and their parents in the EU

 Pages 29 - 38

Good practice recommendations on paediatric training programmes for health care professionals in the EU

 Pages 39 - 48

Technical solution for data collection, data safety and data privacy legislation. Experiences from the SWEET study

 Pages 49 - 61

A pediatric diabetes toolbox for creating centres of reference

 Pages 62 - 75

Criteria for Centers of Reference for pediatric diabetes – a European perspective

Reports from the EU- project 2007104: “Better control in pediatric and adolescent diabetes in the EU: working to create centres of reference (SWEET)”, 2007 -2011

 Workpackage 1

Status Report on Children and Adolescents with Diabetes in the EU 2009

 Workpackage 2

Recommendations for Diabetes Care and Treatment in Pediatric Centres of Reference in the EU 2009

 Workpackage 3

Recommendations on Ageappropriate Education for Children and Adolescents with Diabetes in the EU

 Workpackage 4

Good Practice Recommendations on Paediatric Training Programmes for Health Care Professionals in the EU

 Workpackage 5

 Recommendations for development of centers of reference for paediatric and adolescent diabetes in the EU and elements of the toolbox




Pediatric Diabetes 2009; 10 (Suppl. 11)

Abstracts on the occasion of the ISPAD meeting
in Ljubljana/ Slovenia, 2009


Diabetes UK, Winter 2009

"Sweetness & light"



Pediatric Diabetes, Vol 8, Suppl 8

"The Global Burden of Youth Diabetes: Perspectives and Potential"
A Charter Paper



"A new approach to diabetes in children?

Glennis Willmott, a member of European Parliament’s Committee of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety points out that urgent actions are necessary to tackle the alarming rise of diabetes across Europe.



"Diabetes in children and adolescents"

A report on the occasion of World Diabetes Day, on November 14th (2007)