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New paediatric diabetes centres in the SWEET network 2014

In June 2014, 11 SWEET Centres of Reference (CoR) and 12 SWEET Collaborative Centre (CC) have been certified by the recently established SWEET Peer Review Programme in cooperation with the NHS England. Many more centres have expressed interest in joining the SWEET network as a CoR or CC. A quick look at the current situation, shows us that:

  • 9 new centres are in the application and peer review process and are currently uploading or preparing to upload data to the common SWEET server. In June 2015, the next official SWEET certification moment will be able to welcome these centres, located in Bulgaria (2 centres), Greece, India, Ireland (2 centres), Lithuania, Portugal and Spain.
  • 7 centres, located in Canada, Denmark, Israel, Latvia, Norway, Poland and the United Kingdom are currently working on their ethics committee approval  and IT requirements to be able to start up the application and peer review process and get certified next year as well.
  • Finally we received a request from several other centres, located in Poland, Austria and The Netherlands, who would be interested in joining us in the longer term.

SWEET is delighted about this interest and is absolutely convinced that all these centres will be an enrichment to the current network of SWEET centres. Our ultimate goal is to have at least one SWEET centre in every European country!

SWEET centres data upload

The new SWEET IT-Team

SWEET Centres has to share their patient data with a common database, SWEETBASE, for benchmarking and research. The centres can choose any software in order to enter and upload their patient data to SWEETBASE.

new IT solution and upload pocedure

For the evaluation of the uploaded data SWEET collaborates with Prof. Reinhard Holl from the University Ulm in Germany, who will statistically analyse the SWEET data. He works together with Dr. Michael Witsch from Luxembourg, who evaluates the SWEET data for benchmarking. Together they built our new SWEET IT-Team!

DPV is a quality management and documentation software for a structured collection and analysis of patient data related to diabetes. It allows the documentation of all relevant information for the diabetes sector respectively, takes data from the practice administration system and provides it for internal quality management or for external benchmarking. Besides detailed evaluation possibilities (flexible statistic tool, cohort comparison, graphical assessment) all kind of release documents (doctor’s letters, therapy plans, patient summaries, patient quick status) can be generated. The software is expected to be available in English and free of charge from September/October 2014.

Recall Data upload

SWEET Centres: Please upload your data until July 31st, 2015!

The data delivery to SWEETBASE is a precondition to the certification of the CC’s and CoR’s and benchmarking as a quality control measure of pediatric diabetes care. We would like to remind every centre to upload their data. The report created with this data has to be submitted at the SWEET Peer Review website for recertification and certification on a regular basis.

Data uploads to SWEETBASE are periodically demanded twice a year. The next official upload date is July 31st, 2015. If you need support for uploading your data, please do not hesitate to contact the SWEET coordination centre in Hannover, Germany.

SWEET at Conferences


Conference Type of presentation Title of presentation

Toronto, Canada
Poster Tour 4: Epidemiology I on 03.09.2014, 2 pm – 3 pm
Seasonality at onset of type 1 diabetes (T1D) - lessons from the SWEET database

 ADA 2014   ADA
74th Scientific Sessions,
San Francisco, USA
The SWEET-Project – Improving Data Quality through longitudinal Uploads in a Registry of international Pediatric Diabetes Centres from 2006 to 2013: Data Analysis from 127,076 Visits from 10,894 Patients

 ATTD 2014   ATTD
05.-08.02.2014, Vienna, Austria
The SWEET-Project – Use of technology for longitudinal benchmarking of international paediatric diabetes centres 2006 to 2013: Data analysis from 122,853 visits from 10,767 patients

 ISPAD 2013   ISPAD 
16.-19.10.2013, Gothenburg, Sweden
The SWEET-Project 2006 to 2012: data analysis from 741 to 5749 patients per year - improving average glycemic control and completeness of monitoring
Average glycemic control of Type 1, Type 2 and other diabetes forms in 14 pediatric diabetes centres from 13 countries - Data from the SWEET project
Glycemic control, BMI-SDS and blood pressure in 5,019 patients with 18,406 visits in 2012 - centre differences in the SWEET project

73rd Scientific Sessions, 
21.-25.06.2013, Chicago, Illinois 

Audio poster tour "Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes – Highlights from Multicenter Studies" on 24.06.2013

SWEET: Securing Appropriate Services and Infrastructure for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes in Europe